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News Update
We have recently planted a sapling hedge along the boundary fence of the pond (click here for a Pond Restoration update) – many thanks to all the helpers, in particular ‘Treemenders’ Andy who donated and planted much of the hedge for us.  Also thanks to ‘the Woodland Trust’ for the saplings they donated. Over the coming years this hedge will fill out so we can remove the existing fence. The Parish Council have also given us a grant to buy a hedge trimmer and pole pruner which will mean we can ‘manage’ the trees.  We have also received free packs of wild flower seed for the pond area and the back end of the Long Jump pit. 
Finally, I am delighted that the plan to purchase the building has come together. The Old School Building has undergone some refurbishment, with more planned. The new patio doors opening onto the Green will give the full sports pavilion feel, as well as being a wonderful venue with both inside and outside space.
As a committee, we ask that if you would like to plan something on the Green that you keep in touch with us.  We simply wouldn’t wish a Teddy Bears Picnic party to clash with tree pruning! The key events in the village calendar that focus on the Green are The Lover Garage Sale, Lover Country Fayre, Lover Safari Supper, Lover Valentines 5k Run & Walk , Please look out for the specific dates for each event as they do vary year to year .
NB Dogs: please remember they are not allowed on the Green. Please can we spread the word and keep an eye out. Thank you. Dave Charles

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Lover Green Association (LGA) was formed in 2012 when Redlynch Parish Council handed over the responsibility for running and maintaining the Green to a committee made up of volunteers from the community.  The trustees of LGA have signed a 50 year lease from the Parish Council.   Lover Green was formerly Lover & Redlynch Primary School playingfields.  When the school closed in 2006 the field was largely neglected, apart from periodic mowing, until it was acquired by the Parish Council and handed over to the community to manage.   Over the past few years we have achieved a huge amount with the help of the local community and many willing volunteers.  We have secured a grant to purchase a mower and have held a number of fundraising events to raise funds to help towards the on-going maintenance costs, including a ‘Lover’s Got Talent’ show, ‘Safari Supper’ and a ‘Pop up Punjabi’ restaurant in the village hall.  The biggest event in our calendar is ‘The Lover Fayre‘ which is held on the first Saturday of July each year.  The event attracts people from far and wide and includes all the attractions of a traditional village Fayre.  In the evening, after the Fayre, we host a picnic with live music – you can’t beat watching the sun set over the Green with a cold drink and live music!

We hold regular ‘Working Parties’ on a Saturday morning where over 30 men, women and children of all ages from the local community come along to the Green with various tools and set to work pruning, strimming and cutting which has resulted in a vast improvement to the Green.  We also obtain support and advice from a New Forest National Park Authority Ranger, Craig Daters, who attends our committee meetings and on his recommendation we have left areas of grass uncut and created beetle friendly woodpiles to enhance the biodiversity of the Green.  He is also assisting and advising us with the pond restoration project. If you would like to volunteer to help please contact the Secretary, Mar Copp, on


To make a donation or set up a regular payment towards maintenance costs

Please contact the Treasurer, Peter Harper at


Lover Green  also hosts the Summer athletics group – over the Monday and Tuesday evening approx 30 athletes attended training.  The Summer Season on the Green is only the tip of the iceberg for many of these athletes. Throughout the year they all compete for their schools, many have joined New Forest Juniors Athletics club where the opportunities for competition stretch even the most talented of athletes and the calmest of parents. Thank you  for all your support – particularly for the waves and smiles as they  venture for longer runs on the Lover Roads and the gentle swerving of your car to avoid a meandering exhausted athlete. For other sports, we have secured some funding to purchase an outside Table Tennis table We are  always amazed to hear the range of athletes who use Table Tennis as both a warm up activity and as key activity to develop hand/eye coordination,  It’s low impact so it is great for all ages. 
Strengthening our bonds with the local schools, Morgans Vale School plan to use Lover Green for a mini soccer club on a Thursday after school and they may wish to extend this to low level PE during the school day.  We feel that both of these groups should have a low impact on  general usage of the green.

Chairman: Dave Charles, Treasurer: Peter Harper, Secretary: Mar Copp,
Jill Stark, Fred Stark, Ali Clarke, Simon Voss, Tom Cunliffe, Roz Cunliffe