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Downton 4 Family : Chocolate in Lockdown
We launched an online shop at the start of February to raise funds for our local charity, Downton 4 Family, which helps support families in Downton and surrounding areas.  The shop has increased its range from chocolate from New Forest Chocolates to include candles and ‘Bath and Body’ goodies from another small independent producer New Forest Aromatics.  Hopefully these items will bring a little joy in Lockdown and help with Mother’s Day and Easter presents. Please follow the link: Downton 4 Family Shop. Thank you for any support and take care,

Julie Kaye, The Downton 4 Family Team

07709 552964

Improve Your Cyber Security
Due to coronavirus, more people will be doing their festive shopping online this year. This means more opportunities for hackers to carry out cyber attacks. They often do this by targeting people and businesses using:

* email and website scams
* malware – software that can damage your device or let a hacker in
* If hackers get into your device or accounts, they could access your money, your personal information, or information about your business.

You can improve your cyber security by taking six actions: MORE