Redlynch & District Local History Society

Princes Hill c.1900

The Society was founded in 1996 by Pat Millington to promote interest in local history in Redlynch and its surrounding villages.  It has monthly meetings with speakers on a wide variety of topics. These meetings are held 7.30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at Morgan’s Vale and Woodfalls village hall.  New members and visitors are always welcome. Subscriptions are £9 for yearly membership and £3 for guests per meeting.  The Society also arranges a local visit for its June meeting.  In addition the Society undertakes a variety of local projects. The most recent involved recording the gravestones in St Mary’s churchyard (see below).   Also the Society holds an Annual Exhibition when its resources are put on display and made available to anyone interested in our local history.  In 2019 the theme for our Annual Exhibition was ‘Our Village School and its Place in the Community’ which celebrated the 150th anniversary of Morgans Vale and Woodfalls Village School.

Please visit The News Forest Remembers website. The Society has been closely involved and produced one of the panels which depicts Redlynch during World War I and some of the men who served or died. Finally the Society actively supports other local organisations, such as its two churches and two halls, by mounting exhibitions and displays.  Click the image on the left to view the Society’s Redlynch Trail. For more information about the Society visit its own website:

PROGRAMME : 2020-21: Well, it is no surprise the recent Government instructions have completely curtailed our programme of events. However like many of you, our committee members remain active, planning next seasons programme and working on their own individual projects. These topics include, Franchises Wood, Hamptworth, local farms, history of the older houses and land owners in our area, and World War 2.  I can reveal forthcoming talks currently include the 367th Fighter Group at Stoney Cross around D Day by Henry Cole; these pilots flew the twin engine P38 Lightning fighter. Their story comprises a rush to become proficient with this new aircraft which they only received when they arrived in the UK early April 1944. By early July they had moved to Ibsley and on the 22 July moved to France.

>  Oct 6th 2020 Penruddock’s Rebellion – Ruth Butler
> Jan 5th 2021 Woodfalls to Rangoon – Sonia Aarons Green
> Mar 2nd 2021 Hamptworth – Georgina Babey and Peter Roberts
>  Oct 5th 2021 Landford and Whiteparish – Rosalind Johnson

With regard to this year’s talks, some of the speakers are flexible and could change dates. The speaker for this coming May, Mary South, whom we cancelled, is willing to come in 2021 and Ruth Newman is happy to rearrange the guided tour of Salisbury Cathedral Close originally scheduled for June.  At the moment the dates for the Exhibition remain. We are still researching the aspect of Redlynch in WW2, aspects include Stoney Cross, and Food and Rationing.   

Bob Inns , Secretary April 26th, 2020.


The Society’s Graveyard Records project has been completed and will be updated as and when necessary. The records can be seen by making an appointment with the Chair, Carolyn Birch (Tel. 01725 511583), to meet at Morgan’s Vale & Woodfalls Village Hall. 


Carolyn Birch (Chair), Jenny Bowman (Vice-Ch), Annette Jack (Vice-Ch), Peter Roberts (Vice-Ch), Bob Inns (Secretary), Kate Crouch (Treasurer), Georgina Babey, Jenny Bowman, Simon Lewis, Michael Peace, Maureen Staley, Steve Western.